T-Bird billets play an important role for the team. Billets house, feed, organize and provide structure for T-Birds players during the season. Erin Saunders talked to the Poplawski Family, who billeted former T-Bird Donovan Neuls, about how they became billets, what their responsibilities are and what it means to them to be a billet. Erin’s story shows how billets are an extended family for our players and the vital role they play for the team.

During the 2018-19 season Jessica Taff from KOMO 4 Sports profiled Loren and Laura Colello who had Noah Philp, Roddy Ross, Simon Kubicek and Kai Uchacz billeting at their house.

The Seattle Thunderbirds are always on the lookout for future billet famillies. T-Bird players attend Kentwood High School during the school year. The team practices at accesso ShoWare Center. The team keeps an eye out for billets in these neighborhoods.

Read team expectations of players and billets.

Download the T-Birds Billet Application and return to the T-Birds if you are interested in being a billet. Applications should be sent to If you have any questions about being a billet, or would like more information, contact Jared Crooks at 253-239-7825.

 Benefits of Hosting a Thunderbird:
–Two (2) Season Tickets per player billeted to all Thunderbird home games
–A check for $300.00 each month to help offset the cost of groceries for the player