Q&A with Tyler Carpendale

Tyler Carpendale played in 60 games and had six goals and 16 assists for 22 points in 60 games last. He had the most assists and points in the February 5th game at Victoria with two assists and the most points in the January 12th game at Swift Current with a goal and an assist. Carpendale also had two goal streaks lasting two games each, from January 11-12 and November 30th to December 1st. Tyler took some time to sit down with us to answer a few questions about his off season and the coming season.

Seattle Thunderbirds: Thanks for joining us Tyler! First off, how’s your summer been so far?

Tyler Carpendale: My summer has been awesome so far! I’ve been busy fishing, boating, and training.

ST: What has you most excited about this coming season?

TC: I’m excited to see what this season has in store for us as a team.

ST: You bounced back quite well from an injury you suffered a few seasons back, what did you use for motivation to get back onto the ice this past season?

TC: I looked at my injury as an obstacle I had to overcome. I knew with hard work at rehab and determination I would stay motivated and get through it.

ST: In terms of off-season workouts, what have you done to prepare for Training Camp and this coming season?

TC: I’ve been working out at a local gym and get on the ice as much as I can.

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ST: You played in every game against Vancouver in the playoffs. How was that and how much different are regular season games compared to playoff games?

TC: It was exciting! I found out that the playoff games were a lot higher tempo and faster paced.

ST: How do you build off the success you have had last season?

TC: I’ve got to keep striving to be better and set goals for myself in order to improve.

ST: You racked up 16 assists and went on a few assist streaks, do you have a goal in mind for this upcoming season when it comes to you making assists or scoring points or do you just go out any try to play as hard as possible?

TC: My goal is to rack up higher numbers of goals and assists then I did last season.

ST: What are your expectations for you and the team this coming season?

TC: I’m hoping that we go farther than last year and get to experience the playoffs to the fullest.

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ST: Are you planning on doing any traveling before you have to head to Training Camp or have you done any already?

TC: Yes, I’ve already travelled to Vancouver and Victoria for ice sessions and training. In Vancouver I met up with Jarret Tyszka, it was nice to get back on the ice with him and hangout.

ST: What have you done this summer aside from preparing for the coming season?

TC: I went on a trip to Tofino with my girlfriend. I’ve also done a lot of fishing.

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ST: What music are you currently listening to?

TC: A mix between rock and rap.

ST: Happen to watch Game of Thornes or Stranger Things? Or catch any good movies recently?

TC: Actually, I just started Stanger Things the other day and it has been pretty good so far.

ST: Thank you very much for your time Tyler. We can’t wait to see you at Training Camp!

TC: Thanks for having me!

Seattle Thunderbirds Public & Media Relations Intern Issac Daniels conducted the Q&A with Tyler Carpendale. The team will be posting Q&A’s during the off-season with returning T-Birds players.




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