Q&A with Dillon Hamaliuk

Dillon Hamaliuk was drafted by the T-Birds in the 6th round with the 111th overall pick in the 2015 Draft. In his first full season last year he had 15 goals and 24 assists for 39 points in 72 games. Dillon will have NHL Scouts eyes on him this coming season as he is eligible for the 2019 NHL Draft. Dillon took a few moments to answer some questions about his summer and the coming season.

Seattle Thunderbirds: What has your training regimen looked like this offseason?

Dillon Hamaliuk: My training regimen consists of being on the ice three to four times a week and working out three times a week as well.

ST: What improvements would you like to see in your game this coming season and what are you doing this offseason to prepare?

DH: I’d like to see a more offensive side to my game, I’ve been doing shooting drills and puck handling drills which have helped me improve in that aspect of my game. As well as getting faster with skating drills.

ST: What was it like playing the Spokane Chiefs last season and going against your brother Dalton?

DH: It was really intense because I always want to try to beat him because he’s the older brother and since we were never able to play against each other when we were younger made it an even bigger game.

1000 (1)ST: Is there any brotherly rivalry in the off-season between you two?

DH: Yes, we have a rivalry in the offseason because we always try to outdo each other, whether that be in weight lifting or running.

ST: You are eligible for the NHL Draft for the first time next summer? Is this something you think about at all?

DH: Not really, I try to keep all that stuff off my mind because I just want to focus on getting better and improving my game.

ST: You have several teammates (Huo, Lee, Williams) that will also be eligible for next summer’s NHL Draft. Do you think it will be good to have teammates that you can talk with about you all being eligible?

DH: I think we can push each other harder on the ice to better our game, and hopefully get the opportunity to get our names called.

ST: What do you want to see from yourself and the team this season?

DH: I would like to see a more offensive upside to my game and being smart all around the ice to help our team win. It would be great to see our team win another championship.

ST: Are there any NHL players that you try to emulate? Why?

DH: Yes, I look up to Blake Wheeler because he’s a strong power forward who takes the puck to the net and can score goals and be a big contribution to his team.


ST: What are some positives that you and your teammates can take away from last season to apply to this season?

DH: We understand that hard work can get us places, nobody expected us to even make playoffs at the start of the season because they thought it was going to be a rebuilding year. We exceeded everybody’s expectations and it just shows how hard work and dedication can pay off even with a young team.

ST: Last season you were on Q It Up Sports on KCPQ 13 with Aaron Levine. What was it like being in the studio and doing your first sit down TV interview?

DH: It was quite nerve racking because I’ve never been in front of so many cameras, but it was a great experience overall.

ST: Thanks for joining us today Dillon, we’re excited to see you at training camp.

DH: Thanks for having me!

Seattle Thunderbirds Public & Media Relations Intern Alex Dupille conducted the Q&A with Dillon Hamaliuk. The team will be posting Q&A’s during the off-season with returning T-Birds players.

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