Q&A with Cade McNelly

Cade McNelly appeared in 46 games last season and had one goal and one assist for two points with a total of 123 penalty minutes. Cade was a rookie last season, but he entered the season having played 15 games the season prior. The Westlock, Alberta, native looks to build off his 2018-19 season and took some time to sit down with us and answer some questions.

SeatteThunderbirds: We’re glad you could take the time to join us Cade! First off, how’s your summer been so far?

Cade McNelly: It’s been good! I’ve been training lots and getting ready for this season.

ST: What are your off-season preparations as you prepare for the 2019-20 season?

CM: To get better every day, not just on the ice but off the ice with my good work habits.

ST: What are you most excited about and/or looking forward to this season?

CM: I would have to say I’m most excited about going to the rink every day and seeing my teammates!

cade 3

ST: What music do you listen to when to get ready for games? Favorite artist you are listening to right now?

CM: I’m more of a hip-hop rap kind of guy and before games that is what I listen to the most. No certain artist right now.

ST: How do you feel you can build off last season?

CM: I just need to keep getting better every day as I did last season. Building off all my improvements and using that to carry myself into this season.

ST: What are your expectations for you and the team this coming season?

CM: I think we’re going to be a real good team this year if we stay focused and be prepared for each game. I see good things happening.

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ST: What are some of your interest outside of hockey?

CM:  I mainly like to golf and go wake boarding; it gets me out of the house for something to do!

ST: Have you had a chance to look at this season’s schedule yet? If so, are there any games/opponents you’re most looking forward to?

CM: Yes. It doesn’t matter which team or who I play against I just go out and play.

ST: What advice do you think you can pass onto the incoming rookies this season?

CM: To keep working hard every day and stay out of trouble!

ST: You are entering your first NHL Draft year this coming season. Is that something you think about at all? A few of your teammates are in the same situation. Have you talked to them at all about that?

CM: I don’t really think about it at all. My goal is to just go out there and play my game and get better, same goes for my teammates too.

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ST: Are you a Game of Thrones fan or a Stranger Things fan?

CM:  No, not really. I’ve never really been interested in either of those shows. 

ST: Thank you very much for your time Cade. We can’t wait to see you at Training Camp!

CM: Thank you! 

Seattle Thunderbirds Public & Media Relations Intern Issac Daniels conducted the Q&A Cade McNelly. The team will be posting Q&A’s during the off-season with returning T-Birds players.

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