Meet The Thunderbirds Family: Tara Knop

Brian Liesse

Team photographer Brian Liesse is introducing T-Birds fans to those connected to the team whose contributions might not be readily visible. We are excited about this project because we get to highlight those that make T-Bird hockey possible through their hard work and dedication to the team and the sport of hockey. We look forward to introducing you to T-Birds staff, accesso ShoWare Center staff, Booster Club members, Game Night Staff, Media, and others who help us celebrate and promote the team and the sport in the Pacific Northwest. Each person highlighted has answered a questionnaire about what they do with the team or how they are connected to the team,and some personal highlights. Brian took the photos of each person in their T-Bird environment.

What do you do for/with the Thunderbirds?

I am the Senior Account Executive. You want season tickets, a flex plan, to put a group outing together, or someone to have a good chat with? I’m your gal 😉

How long have you been working for/with the Thunderbirds?

I started my season long internship with the T-Birds at the beginning of the 2016-17 season (our Championship year) and joined the crew full time a few months into the season after.

What is your favorite aspect of what it is you do for/with the Thunderbirds?

I love all of the relationships that I have formed over the last few years. I consider our staff as one big family and being able to interact with our fans on the level that I do is priceless. I’ve made some very good friends in my last few years here.

What is the most challenging aspect of what you do for/with the Thunderbirds?

Surviving the offseason with no hockey.

What is your favorite Thunderbirds memory?

My favorite memory has to be watching our boys bring home the Championship. The office staff would gather in the locker room to watch the away playoff games. That’s where we were when True scored the game winning goal. The room went wild. We were all so ecstatic that we had won. There was screams and tears of joy. It really an awesome feeling to not only work behind the scenes that season and be a part of the championship journey, but to experience it with the people I did just made it that much more special.

Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

Not so much anymore. During the championship year playoff run, I believed that once we had scored a goal I had to stand in that exact spot where I was when we scored, for the remainder of the game.

Are you excited for an NHL team to come to Seattle?

I am super excited for the NHL team! I just hope I can make it out to as many games as I would like.

What do you enjoy doing when not working for/with the Thunderbirds?

When I am not working, during the season, I love spending time at home with my boyfriend and our 3 huskies (Gracia, Cymber, and Ruby) and our 2 cats (Otto and Gemma) watching Jeopardy or one of our other favorite shows. During the summer we tend to spend less time at home and more time exploring different farmers markets in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area, trying out new restaurants, and going out for a spin on the Puget Sound in our boat. I also love working out at the gym and baking.

What position do you/would you play if you were to play hockey?

Definitely defense. I would love to check someone into the boards.

Who are the Thunderbirds biggest rivals?

That is a tie between Everett and Portland.

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