Meet The Thunderbirds Family: Brent Collier

Brian Liesse

Team photographer Brian Liesse is introducing T-Birds fans to those connected to the team whose contributions might not be readily visible. We are excited about this project because we get to highlight those that make T-Bird hockey possible through their hard work and dedication to the team and the sport of hockey. We look forward to introducing you to T-Birds staff, accesso ShoWare Center staff, Booster Club members, Game Night Staff, Media, and others who help us celebrate and promote the team and the sport in the Pacific Northwest. Each person highlighted has answered a questionnaire about what they do with the team or how they are connected to the team,and some personal highlights. Brian took the photos of each person in their T-Bird environment.

What do you do for/with the Thunderbirds?

Assistant Trainer

How long have you been working for/with the Thunderbirds?

For three seasons from 1985 to 1988. And then 1994 to present (26 years).

What is your favorite aspect of what it is you do for/with the Thunderbirds?

Taking care of the players, coaches and referees. Also, I like making sure that the game runs smoothly and players and coaches have what they need on the bench. It is also a pleasure to have my two sons (Bryan and Evan) working alongside of me at each game.

What is the most challenging aspect of what you do for/with the Thunderbirds?

Not getting hit with the puck or stick on the bench.  I have had a few close calls over the years and I have had a few stitches in my time.  Of course, sewn up by the best Doc in the league, Doc Blue.

What is your favorite Thunderbirds memory?

Winning the 2017 WHL Championship in Regina. I wish it could have been here in Seattle but being there with the guys was an amazing time and I will always cherish the memory.

Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

Warmups – Building a puck pyramid on the blue line for the visiting team and one puck on the center dot, 20 pucks lined up on our blue line for each player to take and take one shot from our blue line into the far goal. During warmups, Davey gets three chances to catch a puck that I toss to him with his stick.  Usually, he only needs 1 to catch it.

Are you excited for an NHL team to come to Seattle?

Absolutely!  Looking forward to seeing some of our old players, trainers, and coaches, that have continued on into the NHL. That will be amazing!

What do you enjoy doing when not working for/with the Thunderbirds?

Refereeing youth and adult hockey, creating and building things for my home and for the rink.

What position do you/would you play if you were to play hockey? 

Goalie. They have the most pads and generally they still have most of their teeth.

Who are the Thunderbirds biggest rivals?

Portland and Everett, I love being a part of all the games, however those teams can be more intense.  I love to see the crowd get into the rivalry between these 2 teams.

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